Metatarsal pads

Metatarsal pads have been developed for people suffering from foot pain. These pads that you place inside your shoes will help to cushion your heel and ball of your foot from harmful pressure and shocks. People buy metatarsal pads as a way to protect there heels and feet as many regular insoles do provide the right support and are flat with no orthotics designed into them. Metatarsal pads are relatively inexpensive but can be a sure way to help support your foot correctly. Dont risk getting such problems as plantar fasciitis or other foot problems that can cause heel and foot pain when a pair of metarsal pads or orthotic insoles can work to eliminate this problem from developing all together. If you decide to buy a pair be sure to get some in the right shoe size that fits comfortably, made out of a firm yet flexible material which have shock absorbing qualities and has been made so that the material can mold to the shape of your heel as well.
Metatarsal pads have been made specially to be able to stop any build up of pressure on the heel.. remember the heel of the foot is under a constant battle from gravity by spreading this pressure evenly throughout the heel and foot it can prevent lasting damage.

I have provided a link above to a online store which sells these pads along with other orthotic insoles that can help.

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