Heart attack is no longer something that only affects men it can also affect women aswell

Heart attack is no longer something that only affects men. Approximately 80,000 German women die each year of heart attack. This article gives advice on how to best protect yourself.

An unhealthy way of life and its consequences for health are the main reason for the drastic increase in the number of heart attacks among women. Results from a new study by professor Eberhard Windler, and private lecturer Dr. Heiner Boeing gives several explanations. They have researched the risk factors that specifically applies to women.

A slender waist protects against cardiovascular/circulatory

For high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and metabolic disturbances (e.g. for high cholesterol) is no longer the only significant risk factors for men but also for women. The ideal blood pressure is 120/80. LDL-cholesterol levels should be less than 160, and number of the protective HDL cholesterol should be above 40 (this can be checked via a blood test at the doctor).
Diabetes and, more specifically, insulin resistance brings women greater risk, even more so than men. Insulin resistance (like diabetes at an early stage) gives virtually no symptoms and can only be detected by examination at the doctor (blood glucose measurement of fasting glucose tolerance test and heart).
Particularly vulnerable are women with the so-called metabolic syndrome diabetes plus two other risk factors: high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
The weight also plays a role. On average, each woman takes 10 kilos in, from she is 20, for she is 60. Is this weight gain early, IE. between 30 and 40 years, there is a greater risk of heart attack than women who only later gain weight.
Also on waist circumference you can read risk. The sleeker a waist, the less risk. Ideal goal is less than 88 cm-ideally under 80 cm. the reason is that certain hormones and other substances which are harmful for the heart, produced in bugfedtet.
A very big problem for heart and circulation are lack of proper diet and exercise! The average fat intake is three times as high in older age as in the young years, and while moving to far less. On average, Germans are moving about 750 meters a day, says Professor Windler.

How women can best prevent heart attacks?
Take a critical assessment of your diet and exercise, Your habits. It is clearly not as easy as it sounds, because you may need to finally rid yourself of with some old habits. 

Now we are you talking about exercise. What kind of sport is best suited?
Professor Windler: the best are endurance sports, such as. running, walking, hiking. But the most important thing is that you get started being more active. With 20-30 minutes of movement per day you can can reduce the risk of heart attacks and disease. Take advantage of every opportunity there is to move in everyday life. Dont use escalator and elevator and take the stairs instead. Take the bike instead of the car. And so on.

And how do you get as a slim waistline? Which diet is best?
Professor Windler: strict diet's do more damage more than good. In order to lose weight and stay slim you must have a balanced diet. Less meat and fat in Exchange for more fruits and vegetables. 200 g more fruit a day lowers the risk of heart attack by 60%, 100 g meat increases the risk of 150%.

Warning signs of heart attack
The typical symptoms of heart attack, chest pain and anxiety-of course also occurs in women. In addition, stabbing pain behind the breastbone, which radiates into the one or both arms, as well as nausea. In women, even more so than in men also seems to back pain, especially in the neck region and between the shoulder blades.

You can reduce the risk of heart attack with ...

if you quit smoking
if you eat low-fat and vitamin rich
if you are playing sports 3 times a week
if your blood pressure is 120/80.

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