GoFit to strengthen balance

Helps dizziness and other age-related problems: goFit-reflexology mat-recommended by doctors

Regular foot reflexology greatly enhances the quality of life in individuals over 60 years of age. It has a group of researchers from the American Research Institute in Eugene,

"goFit-mat has proven to be very useful. Our experimental results show that people who use goFit has a positive impact on the ability to control body movement and strengthen muscle power in the feet and legs ".

Many people who use it show a clear improvement after using the mat. Dr. Marincic: "Patients participating in the course of the treatment will be more confident that their musculoskeletal system and find better balance because of this. It is, of course, an effect on their self-esteem, and they now go out of the House without a cane and Walker".

The good experiences are too many participants and patients are reason enough to buy a mat for a course or a training program with Dr. Marincic, so they can use it at home. A good investment, according to the doctor: "there are few medical products which are so simple to use and works so effectively".

Experiments show that movement on goFit-mat improves the quality of life in the elderly
People are getting older and older. But over the course of millennia, we have developed ourselves, so that our body no longer automatically continues to be movable, in shape and live after the 60 years of age and older. This gap between the biological evolution and the life expectancy, is at a point where we should actively try to fill it. An important key is regular exercise-a fact, as doctors and physiotherapists repeatedly stresses.

Results show that blood pressure is lowered, the balance problem's disappears, and the older are sleeping more harmonious and better. Overall, is may slow down the aging process and increase the physical capability. Even the beginnings of osteoporosis can be prevented. From Dr. John Fisher, Oregon, says: "with all trial participants were health improved dramatically". He therefore believes that the mats should be used for therapeutic purposes.

The experiment in Bugene was made at the behest of the American company for age research. It was implemented within the framework of the American project "Global Acting on Aging", which is specifically about older people's health and systematically looking for opportunities create a better standard and quality of life.

goFit-Pebble Beach at home in your living room
The surface of the goFit-mat looks like a pebble beach, whith various sizes of stones. You can use the mat-the ideal is 2 x 10-15 minutes a day-has the same effect on the body as a walk on a rocky beach: the musculoskeletal system is activated, virtually the entire musculoskeletal system is strengthened and the joints will be stabilized. The daily use on goFit works, moreover not only positively on the body's performance, but also on the entire psychological balance.

Switzerland is the country of origin and has been used for years with great success of physical therapists, wellness centers all use goFit. Regular use is beneficial to health, supports the healing process and relieves problems of very different kinds.

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