A healthy diet makes you grow big and strong and taller

Healthy diet can have a lot of benefits one of which is really cool... A healthy balanced diet shall stop you from stunting your growth in other words it means that you can grow as tall as your genetics have told your body to grow.
Eating the right foods from a variety of different sources is crucial.
Eating foods in only one food group can mean you become deficient in vitamins and minerals that are found in the other food groups you are not eating.
Remember to grow taller your body must use something to lengthen your bones...
Here are two examples of vitamins and minerals your body needs.. these are just two there are still plenty more you need to eat to ensure you are healthy.
Calcium helps make your bones stronger and thus will help to support your body better
Protein will help strengthen your muscles and has amino acids in them which are essential for growth and something all cells need.

This was just a quick tip on how to grow taller.... I hope this helps you in some way if you are still growing (around your teen years).

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