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What are orthotics used for?

You feel pain in the knees, back, hands, elbows or shoulders, Orthotic products are designed to restore mobility and improve performance. When the joint is in motion, they offer a therapeutic massage and support. This stimulates blood circulation and promotes the healing process. Whether you're a professional athlete or someone looking for an active and healthy life, you will appreciate the quality, excellent comfort and therapeutic efficacy.

Orthotics are used primarily to control, stabilize or immobilize an articulation. Orthotics provide maintenance and support and help to restore and maintain mobility. orthotics can be used as stationary or mobile, depending on your medical treatment.

Stress: When stress becomes chronic

Acute stress reactions can occur:

1. the psyche
Increased attention
The short-term improvement of learning ability and memory

2. the immune system
Strengthening the defense of the immune system
Increased flow of blood

3. the lungs
Increased respiratory function (more oxygen in the blood)

4. Heart
High heart rate, increased blood pressure
Dilation of blood vessels for muscles
Narrowing of the blood vessels of the body surface

5. the digestive tract
Diminished activity in order to save energy

6. the muscles
Greater muscle tension
Better reflexes

7. the metabolism
(in the liver, kidney and fat deposits)
Energy is made available to the muscles and brain

Persistent load-possible damage

1. the psyche
Sleep Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Memory problems/failures
Difficulty Concentrating

2. the immune system
Overreaction in the form of allergies and neurodermatitis
Auto-immune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis)
Frequent infections
Probably also impaired function in the NK-cells that fight cancer cells

3. the lungs

4. Heart-/karsystemet
High blood pressure
Cardiac Infarction
Brain Hemorrhage

5. the digestive tract
Inflammation of the stomach lining

6. the muscles
Chronic pain

7. the metabolism
Elevated blood glucose level
High blood cholesterol levels

A healthy lifestyle can increase the enzyme telomerase

 New research results show that by changing lifestyle in a positive direction can increase the activity of the enzyme telomerase, which is responsible for the maintenance of the body's Telomeres.

Telomeres are DNA-protein complexes, which sits on the end of our chromosomes and helps to keep them stable. A sufficient Telomere-Length is of crucial importance for the maintenance of the cells, among others such as immune defence.

A group of men were asked to change their diet, so they ate less fat and refined carbohydrates and plenty of grains, fruits and vegetables and took supplements of soy, fish oil, vitamin C and E and selenium. In addition, test participants are asked to begin to exercise and try to avoid the stress of everyday life.

At the end of the test was the contents of telomerase increased, and one could also observe a reduction in LDL-cholesterol content, mental stress, BMI, waist circumference and blood pressure. "The importance of this trial is not limited to men," write the authors. "Comprehensive lifestyle changes can increase telomerase and Telomeres, which can benefit the population in General".

How to ease osteoarthritis pain

"I'm starting to take Glucosamine and fish oil because of osteoarthritis in my knees. Since I just started to take these products, I have not marked any effect yet. Now I have read several places that one must take MSM together with Glucosamine, so I would like to know something more about.

We live in a House with three floors, and I'm going to go backwards down the stairs. I have asked my doctor if it would be advantageous to move to a one-level House, but he just replied that the fact that there are stairs, da keeps me going. Can you tell me about if this could worsen the condition in my knees."

Answer: the Stairs might be hard for the knee joints, especially if you weigh too much. Just think how many kilos that presses on the knee joints, and then you have to move those kilos many meters upwards, when you go up a flight of stairs, and when you go down them together with pressing against the cartilage. So it will definitely be an advantage for you to move to the ground floor or an a-plan House.

If you weigh too much, it often goes beyond the knee and hip joints. Only twenty kilos overweight is similar to that of you walking all the time with a bucket full of water in each hand. It is hard for your joints to cope. So it is fine, the doctor has advised you to lose weight so you must.

It's fine that you take Glucosamine, which helps your cartilage in the joints to get it better and attenuates the pain in the cartilage. But for Glucosamine to be able to work, it must go to the joint cartilage, and it gets there via joint fluid. You need to keep active for your body to create joint fluid (when moving its joints), so it is important that you use your knee joints but without overloading them. your doctor is right in saying that it is important that you keep yourself active.

The best thing you can do is to cycle two times twenty minutes daily on an exercise bike that you can have standing in your living room.

It is not necessary to take MSM together with Glucosamine or chondroitin sulphate, but if there pain, the MSM can work better pain reliever than the two other drugs. It's fine that you also take fish oil, also works for pain suppression. Other good things against osteoarthritis is rosehip powder, vitamin C and ginger.

You can also buy orthotic insoles that help as shock absorption and will put less strain on your joints when you walk. The orthotic insoles will also provide support and spread the pressure evenly that can build up on your heel. Orthotic insoles can be bought online quite inexpensively.
Orthotic insoles have built in arch supports as well which will also stop plantar fasciitis.

Osteoporosis information

As you get older, there will be more and more things that give cause for concern, because the body's ability to repair itself changing. one of these things is osteoporosis. Fortunately, you can compensate for the body's failing ability to rebuild the bone tissue, which is the cause of this disorder. But unfortunately it is often what we choose-or perhaps rather not choose-to do these things that can help prevent it in youth, which has the greatest influence on how healthy our bones is when we get older. This is especially true for women. Thirty years ago the endocrinologist noticed Charles Dent, to "age-related osteoporosis is a pediatric disease". It was his way of saying that we are building up our bone Foundation early in life. This article sheds light on both the "prevention" that teens should be aware of, and the "treatment", which is available for those of us who are out of youth and development and growing years.

Osteoporosis: basic information
Osteoporosis is latin and means "porous bones". It is a progressive condition in which the bones gradually lose strength and density. Bones are living tissue, and as such will be constantly "transforming" in the the form of reconstruction, adjustment in connection with damage, etc. As with normal tissues will be replaced all bone tissue cells will also be replaced completely over time. There is a net loss of bone tissue, when the balance between the building and the destructive process tipper over against a loss of calcium and other bone components.

Approximately 1.3 million older Americans break bones every year as a result of osteoporosis. Wrist, hip and spine are the most vulnerable. And there are far more women among patients: Women account for approximately 80% of all the damage that happens as a result of osteoporosis. Nevertheless, a very large number of men also suffer from osteoporosis. This disparity between the sexes with regard to damage can partly be explained by the fact that the men from the start have larger and more compact bones and may need to lose more bone mass, before damage begins to occur. But it is not the whole explanation. By 65-year-old men on average have lost approximately 9% of their bone mass, whereas women have lost 26%. There is broad consensus that the decrease in the body's estrogen production in connection with menopause plays a big role for the high percentage of women.

Most discussions regarding Osteoporosis focuses on calcium loss. However, this is a serious analytical error. Although throughout the health sector the emphasis on calcium for maintaining healthy bones, because it constitutes a large part of the bone tissue, so is calcium perhaps not the most important thing to focus on in order to prevent problems from occurring? Bones consists of both inorganic mineral parts and organic parts. Osteomalacia is the medical term for the softening of the bones, which is the result of too little calcium in the diet and body. By osteoporosis, it is not only the contents of calcium and other minerals, but also the non-mineral component of bones made up of collagen and proteins, which is disturbed. This fact was thoroughly illuminated at an osteoporosis Conference, which was held last year. If you are interested in knowing more about minerals other than calcium as the instrumental cause of osteoporosis, you can read this article here.

Metatarsal pads

Metatarsal pads have been developed for people suffering from foot pain. These pads that you place inside your shoes will help to cushion your heel and ball of your foot from harmful pressure and shocks. People buy metatarsal pads as a way to protect there heels and feet as many regular insoles do provide the right support and are flat with no orthotics designed into them. Metatarsal pads are relatively inexpensive but can be a sure way to help support your foot correctly. Dont risk getting such problems as plantar fasciitis or other foot problems that can cause heel and foot pain when a pair of metarsal pads or orthotic insoles can work to eliminate this problem from developing all together. If you decide to buy a pair be sure to get some in the right shoe size that fits comfortably, made out of a firm yet flexible material which have shock absorbing qualities and has been made so that the material can mold to the shape of your heel as well.
Metatarsal pads have been made specially to be able to stop any build up of pressure on the heel.. remember the heel of the foot is under a constant battle from gravity by spreading this pressure evenly throughout the heel and foot it can prevent lasting damage.

I have provided a link above to a online store which sells these pads along with other orthotic insoles that can help.

Moderate intake of alcohol is healthy for the heart?

Some tests recently have been attempting to shows that moderate intake of alcohol is healthy for the heart. The publicized trials shows that when women occupy between ½ and 1 drink a day, dropping their risk of acute cardiac death by 36%. But if they double their intake to more than two articles per day, so increases the risk of acute cardiac death by approximately 15%.

"Several studies have shown that there is a correlation between alcohol and disease prevention in coronary arteries, brain hemorrhage and heart failure, but there is only very little researched in the correlation between alcohol and acute cardiac death," explains study leader Stephanie Chiuve, who teaches medicine at Brigham and women's Hospital in Boston. "In this experiment we would look at the correlation between moderate alcohol intake and the risk of acute cardiac death in women. We found that there is a U-shaped relationship, "says Chiuve. This means that too little or too much alcohol gives a higher risk for cardiac death than a moderate intake. "The women who choose alcohol, should drink about one subject per day. In this volume we saw the greatest health gain ", she says.

The results of the experiment were published in the October issue of the journal Heart Rhythm.

Even though the trial was not designed to determine how much alcohol it takes to prevent acute cardiac death, concludes Chiuve, that alcohol has a health-promoting effect on cholesterol levels and helps to reduce the amount of plaque that accumulate in blood vessels. They then emphasizes that they are not looking for a particular type of alcohol having greater impact than others, suggesting that it is the ethanol found in alcoholic drinks, as has the health-promoting effect.

But there is not only good news. Alcohol may also have what is known as pro-arrytmisk effect. It means that alcohol can cause irregular heartbeat. The effect is so well known that it has been nicknamed "Holiday Heart Syndrome".

Chiuves experiments included 85.067 women from the Nurses ' Health Study. None of the women suffered from a chronic illness at the start, and all the women answered questions about their alcohol intake every four years.

One drink contains according to Chiuve approx. 15 g of alcohol. And one drink is 3.5 dl beer, 1,2 dl wine or 0.5 dl spirits. The researchers found that women who drank between 5 and 14.9 grams of alcohol per day had the lowest risk of acute cardiac death. Those who had previously been drinking, had a 21% lower risk compared with people who had never drunk alcohol.

Women who drank 0.1-4.9 grams of alcohol had a 23% lower risk of acute cardiac death compared with those who had never drunk alcohol, while those who got 5-14.9 grams per day reduced the risk by 36%. Women with a consumption of 15-29.9 g alcohol per day had a 32% lower risk.

But when the amount of alcohol daily exceeded 30 g-IE. two drinks a day increased the risk of acute cardiac death-by 15% in comparison with the teetotal group.

Dr. Michael D, head of the Department for preventive cardiology at the University of Chicago Medical Center, is not surprised by the results. "There has always been talk about a U-shaped curve for alcohol's effect. Until a certain point, it is good for health, but when consumption exceeds this point drinking increases the risk of dying, "he says.

He notes that when he has patients with heart fibrillation, suggests to them to always to cut down on their alcohol consumption. But he added: "everyone is different, and alcohol tolerance is different from person to person, so if you can feel the heart flicker after just one drink, then it may well be that just one glass of alcohol is even one glass too much".

There is is an increased risk of heart stroke among those taking aspirin and pain relievers of type NSAIDS

There is is an increased risk of heart stroke among those taking aspirin and pain relievers of type NSAIDS regularly more than 60 days a year. Studies have previously shown that use of aspirin reduces the risk of heart blood clot, but this heart protection is weakened or discouraged-if the patient in addition to acetylsalicylic acid takes painkillers of NSAID-type eg. for osteoarthritis.

It is one of the conclusions of a five-year-long American Studio. In the study got 22.071 apparently healthy doctors either 325 mg of aspirin daily or a placebo. In the period occurred 139 cases of cardiac blood clots among those who got aspirin, and 239 in the placebo group. Aspirin reduced the risk of a first heart blood clot by 44 percent.

Among the aspirin users who also used NSAIDS in 59 days per year, the risk of heart blood clot unaffected. But among those who took NSAIDS for 60 days or more was seen an almost tripled the risk of heart blood clot compared with those who did not take NSAIDS. In the placebo group-those who did not get daily aspirin-was the risk of cardiac blood clot not affected by NSAIDS.

The authors conclude that regular, but not temporary use of NSAIDs can remove the positive heart protective effects of ASA treatment.

Heart attack is no longer something that only affects men it can also affect women aswell

Heart attack is no longer something that only affects men. Approximately 80,000 German women die each year of heart attack. This article gives advice on how to best protect yourself.

An unhealthy way of life and its consequences for health are the main reason for the drastic increase in the number of heart attacks among women. Results from a new study by professor Eberhard Windler, and private lecturer Dr. Heiner Boeing gives several explanations. They have researched the risk factors that specifically applies to women.

A slender waist protects against cardiovascular/circulatory

For high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and metabolic disturbances (e.g. for high cholesterol) is no longer the only significant risk factors for men but also for women. The ideal blood pressure is 120/80. LDL-cholesterol levels should be less than 160, and number of the protective HDL cholesterol should be above 40 (this can be checked via a blood test at the doctor).
Diabetes and, more specifically, insulin resistance brings women greater risk, even more so than men. Insulin resistance (like diabetes at an early stage) gives virtually no symptoms and can only be detected by examination at the doctor (blood glucose measurement of fasting glucose tolerance test and heart).
Particularly vulnerable are women with the so-called metabolic syndrome diabetes plus two other risk factors: high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
The weight also plays a role. On average, each woman takes 10 kilos in, from she is 20, for she is 60. Is this weight gain early, IE. between 30 and 40 years, there is a greater risk of heart attack than women who only later gain weight.
Also on waist circumference you can read risk. The sleeker a waist, the less risk. Ideal goal is less than 88 cm-ideally under 80 cm. the reason is that certain hormones and other substances which are harmful for the heart, produced in bugfedtet.
A very big problem for heart and circulation are lack of proper diet and exercise! The average fat intake is three times as high in older age as in the young years, and while moving to far less. On average, Germans are moving about 750 meters a day, says Professor Windler.

How women can best prevent heart attacks?
Take a critical assessment of your diet and exercise, Your habits. It is clearly not as easy as it sounds, because you may need to finally rid yourself of with some old habits. 

Now we are you talking about exercise. What kind of sport is best suited?
Professor Windler: the best are endurance sports, such as. running, walking, hiking. But the most important thing is that you get started being more active. With 20-30 minutes of movement per day you can can reduce the risk of heart attacks and disease. Take advantage of every opportunity there is to move in everyday life. Dont use escalator and elevator and take the stairs instead. Take the bike instead of the car. And so on.

And how do you get as a slim waistline? Which diet is best?
Professor Windler: strict diet's do more damage more than good. In order to lose weight and stay slim you must have a balanced diet. Less meat and fat in Exchange for more fruits and vegetables. 200 g more fruit a day lowers the risk of heart attack by 60%, 100 g meat increases the risk of 150%.

Warning signs of heart attack
The typical symptoms of heart attack, chest pain and anxiety-of course also occurs in women. In addition, stabbing pain behind the breastbone, which radiates into the one or both arms, as well as nausea. In women, even more so than in men also seems to back pain, especially in the neck region and between the shoulder blades.

You can reduce the risk of heart attack with ...

if you quit smoking
if you eat low-fat and vitamin rich
if you are playing sports 3 times a week
if your blood pressure is 120/80.

Hand cream lotion you can make to help look after your hands

Spring and summer is time for gardening. Hard work for your hands, who after an active day in need of relief. Here is the recipe for a lotion for the purpose:

2 handfuls of rolled oats, organic
50 g almonds, ground fine
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon pure clear honey
2 tbsp sweet almond oil
8 drops of Atamon (works as a preservative)

Do you want a lotion that smells, you may. Add a few drops of essential oil. For example, the rose scent, lavender or the scent that you like best. Use plenty of cream and rub the hands. To get the best effect from the cream is if you afterwards wear white cotton gloves on in a while-preferably overnight.

Heel lifts can help you gain height without waiting around to grow taller...

How to grow taller, like many things patience is needed however you wont have to wait that long.. as you can buy heel lifts that can increase your height in a matter of seconds.
These heel lifts have been gaining in popularity among people as a alternative to doing posture and stretching exercises. However it is still advisable to carry on doing these exercises to improve posture. You can also join the two together of wearing a pair of these height increasing insoles alongside doing stretching exercises to improve posture.

If you would like to know more about growing taller, shoe lifts and diets to help you out I can point you to this website: thephysiquemorpher

The secret of good health... Masai way

The African Masai's suffer less often from heart disease than other people, even if they eat a diet that is much richer in foods that are meant to increase the risk.

Scientists have long thought that nomadic people are genetically protected against heart disease. Now have doctors reviewed data for blood fat values (cholesterol), blood pressure and physical activity level with 985 Tanzanians, mostly peasants and city dwellers, but also 130 masaier. Masaiernes values averaged the highest. It shows that their active lifestyle keeps them healthy: Masaierne burned over 1,000 kilocalories more per day than the other trial participants.

Masaierne living as nomads and runs a lot. It protects the heart.

Acid reflux how it is caused and what to do about it

Stomach acid into the esophagus, Acid reflux-a widespread phenomenon, which can be treated but mainly be prevented with healthier lifestyles.

Acid reflux can occur when the strong stomach acid can run up through the esophagus instead of being in the stomach.
Symptoms: most commonly heartburn. Acid reflux, chest pain and difficulty swallowing-night and day.
380,000 People in the united kingdom are supposed to suffer from reflux.

Unhealthy lifestyle frequently the culprit
Reflux can be caused by excessive production of stomach acid, or that the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus does not close properly, allowing the strong stomach acid have access up into the esophagus and gives the unpleasant symptoms.

The disorder may be genetic, but mostly caused by the unhealthy lifestyle.

Avoid eating too much and too much fat. The evening meal may be taken about three hours before bedtime. It is also a good idea to cut down on coffee, smoked foods and alcohol and completely to drop tobacco. Stress can also be the culprit behind the reflux.

But if we do not at make healthy changes to your lifestyle, heartburn and acid reflux will be a recurring problem

"Acid reflux can cause lasting damage to the voice box and vocal chords."

GoFit to strengthen balance

Helps dizziness and other age-related problems: goFit-reflexology mat-recommended by doctors

Regular foot reflexology greatly enhances the quality of life in individuals over 60 years of age. It has a group of researchers from the American Research Institute in Eugene,

"goFit-mat has proven to be very useful. Our experimental results show that people who use goFit has a positive impact on the ability to control body movement and strengthen muscle power in the feet and legs ".

Many people who use it show a clear improvement after using the mat. Dr. Marincic: "Patients participating in the course of the treatment will be more confident that their musculoskeletal system and find better balance because of this. It is, of course, an effect on their self-esteem, and they now go out of the House without a cane and Walker".

The good experiences are too many participants and patients are reason enough to buy a mat for a course or a training program with Dr. Marincic, so they can use it at home. A good investment, according to the doctor: "there are few medical products which are so simple to use and works so effectively".

Experiments show that movement on goFit-mat improves the quality of life in the elderly
People are getting older and older. But over the course of millennia, we have developed ourselves, so that our body no longer automatically continues to be movable, in shape and live after the 60 years of age and older. This gap between the biological evolution and the life expectancy, is at a point where we should actively try to fill it. An important key is regular exercise-a fact, as doctors and physiotherapists repeatedly stresses.

Results show that blood pressure is lowered, the balance problem's disappears, and the older are sleeping more harmonious and better. Overall, is may slow down the aging process and increase the physical capability. Even the beginnings of osteoporosis can be prevented. From Dr. John Fisher, Oregon, says: "with all trial participants were health improved dramatically". He therefore believes that the mats should be used for therapeutic purposes.

The experiment in Bugene was made at the behest of the American company for age research. It was implemented within the framework of the American project "Global Acting on Aging", which is specifically about older people's health and systematically looking for opportunities create a better standard and quality of life.

goFit-Pebble Beach at home in your living room
The surface of the goFit-mat looks like a pebble beach, whith various sizes of stones. You can use the mat-the ideal is 2 x 10-15 minutes a day-has the same effect on the body as a walk on a rocky beach: the musculoskeletal system is activated, virtually the entire musculoskeletal system is strengthened and the joints will be stabilized. The daily use on goFit works, moreover not only positively on the body's performance, but also on the entire psychological balance.

Switzerland is the country of origin and has been used for years with great success of physical therapists, wellness centers all use goFit. Regular use is beneficial to health, supports the healing process and relieves problems of very different kinds.

Healthy choclate

In the journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, Karin Ronge has interviewed the Swedish Pediatric surgeon Claude Kollin.

Kollin founded five years ago Chocolate Academy, whose aim is to increase knowledge and awareness of the chocolate products that are worth buying and of good quality. It will say that the chocolate must contain between 64 and 72 percent cocoa, which must not be added extra fat in addition to that found naturally in cocoa beans and chocolate should not contain any synthetic vanilla.
What cocoa plant and the soil, it has grown in, as well as the additives used to determine whether chocolate is to good for your health or not.

Diet can improve brain power

In addition to hormone replacement therapy there has been investigated a number of nutrients and dietary supplements for their ability to promote brain functioning. These substances have an effect due to a large number of different mechanisms, for example. they can promote antioxidanternes positive attributes, improve blood-flow to the brain and reduce the speed at which nerve cells are broken down.

Gallstones: how to avoid gallstones

More than 20 million. Americans suffer from gallstones, and more than 2/3 of them are women. Until recently, doctors had no idea how to prevent gall stones, but now four studies have shown that in women increased amounts of vitamin C-intake can diminish risk of biliary diseases (vitamin C cannot, however, remove gallstones that have already been formed).

Most gallstones are composed of cholesterol, says Joel Simon, M.D., Assistant professor of medicine and epidemiology at the University of California at San Francisco. Vitamin C may be a contributing factor in the breakdown of cholesterol.

Dr. Simon estimates that a daily dose of between 200 and 250 mg of vitamin C is enough. It is easy to get this dose, if you eat the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables every day – otherwise you have the opportunity to take vitamin C as a dietary supplement.

Vitamin C also has offer benefits, such as vitamin C can help improve the immune system

Fruit and vegetables help the bones?

British scientists have found more evidence that there is a positive correlation between the consumption of fruit and vegetables and bone health.

They have noticed that the impact on the bones, by and large, are fairly unheeded, because most studies have focused on calcium supplements. They have therefore implemented a cross-cutting examination of 62 healthy women between the ages of 45-55 years, where we measured bone density, bone the resumption and dietary composition.

Took the subjects more magnesium, potassium and alcohol, one could observe an increase of the total bone mass. Bone density in the femoral neck was greater in women who had eaten large amounts of fruit in their childhood, than in women who had only eaten moderate or almost no fruit.

Twins growing up separately share the same characteristics

Innate characteristics means more to personality than growing up. That's the surprising conclusion of the first major study of twins who have grown up in different families.

The research is carried out at the University of Minnesota since 1979, and more than 350 pairs of twins have been through extensive tests that have included blood analyses and intelligence and psychological tests.

The researchers studied 1 l personal characteristics and found that most of them were particularly influenced by inherit properties. Parents, the environment and other life experiences for most traits played a minor role. The results stand in sharp contrast to the view that has prevailed since Freud's days. Almost all theories have walked out that environment had a greater influence on the personality than heritage.

The study points out, however, that inherit characteristic dominance does not put the parents out of the game. They can shape the rough outline in personality.

Of the 350 twins that were examined, 44 were identical couples and 21 double-edged couple brought up separately.

By comparing the twins who grew up separated, with those who lived together, could show the relative importance of the heritage and the environment, because the twins have many common features.

If the surroundings had the greatest impact, the twins, who grew up in the same home have more in common than twins who lived separately. But the study of the eleven personal character traits showed that the difference between the two types of twins were far less than expected.

The personal properties were measured using a large questionnaire stated many aspects of personality, eg. aggressiveness, striving for success and the need for confidential relationship.

Linking tradition and authoritarianism was the properties that was mostly determined by innate facility. Heritage also had the greatest influence on properties such as sense of well-being and joy, weakness or resistance to stress and nervousness or desire to take chances.

Social scientists have criticized the Minnesota Group's work. They accept the idea of using twins, but do not believe that the questionnaire method is reliable compared to observe how people actually behave.

Other psychologists believe that the results are misleading because comparing people from a relatively narrow cultural framework. If for example. Pygmies or Eskimos had been involved in the study, the environment would have been shown to play a major role.

"The study does not show that it doesn't matter how to treat children, but that it is a great mistake to educate them alike. In order to guide and shape a child must respect its individuality and cultivate the qualities that will help them in life, "says psychologist David Lykken of the project.

A healthy diet makes you grow big and strong and taller

Healthy diet can have a lot of benefits one of which is really cool... A healthy balanced diet shall stop you from stunting your growth in other words it means that you can grow as tall as your genetics have told your body to grow.
Eating the right foods from a variety of different sources is crucial.
Eating foods in only one food group can mean you become deficient in vitamins and minerals that are found in the other food groups you are not eating.
Remember to grow taller your body must use something to lengthen your bones...
Here are two examples of vitamins and minerals your body needs.. these are just two there are still plenty more you need to eat to ensure you are healthy.
Calcium helps make your bones stronger and thus will help to support your body better
Protein will help strengthen your muscles and has amino acids in them which are essential for growth and something all cells need.

This was just a quick tip on how to grow taller.... I hope this helps you in some way if you are still growing (around your teen years).